Quality Policy


Since 1997, the year of establishment, “TOP TEN International” stands apart for producing & supplying the Quality Footballs, Boxing Equipments & Martial Arts. Through sheer determination & hard working, TOP TEN International has attained a perfect combination of Quality Materials & Workmanship to fulfill the requirements of its valued clients. That`s why we have a number of satisfied & ever increasing valued clients around the globe.


To achieve the high quality standards to company with the requirements of our valued clients, we have in-house production processes of Footballs, Boxing Equipments & Martial Arts that includes Cutting, Stitching, Inspection and Packing. The rest of the product range we purchased from our approved vendors.



The first step of our production process is to receive the material and the Accessories. The strict measures are taken during the inspection to ensure that the material conforms to the specifications, even though it is purchased from the approved vendors. The defective material is rejected.


Only the approved material is brought into the cutting process. The cutting is done in the following steps;
a) To obtain the approval of the quality assurance department before using a pattern
to ensure that the perfect pattern is being used.
b) To draw the panels of the garment with the help of these patterns on the specific
c) Marking on the different panels / parts of the garment to avoid the mixing of the
panels of different shades.


The stitching department is provided with the Cuttings of the garments according to the marking assigned by the cutting department. The stitching is carried out under strict measures. The stitching of garments starts after the production & the approval of a single garment.
The quality assurance department performs the In-Process inspection at regular
intervals to ensure that the product is being stitched/produced as per the provided instructions and specifications.


The stitched garment is then passed to the inspection department where the thorough inspection (which includes the inspection of Stitching, Labeling, Sizing, Style etc) is carried out by the well-trained & experienced personals. The garment is sent for rework if any non-conformance found.


The Inspected garments are advanced for packing. The packing department packs the garments according to the provided directions.


Before shipping, the quality assurance department performs the random checking of the products to make certain that the quality of the products being dispatched is as per the required standards.